A Place for Bridge Players

Welcome to my "thatch hut" under construction bridge site. The hut is not even close to finished. But, the land is paid for! And all the building materials are out there free for the taking! The learning curve is slow. I would like to see it improve to a wooden structure, then maybe stone ... and who knows from there?

I quess that is what this is: my learning grounds. I am learning Bridge. I am learning Web page building. I Love to play bridge. Anyone that wants to take over the webpage stuff is more than welcome to do so. Well, yeah, not all you web designers out there sending me emails about making my site rich and famous for just a minor investment. Don't want to get rich. Don't want to get famous. Just want to learn and play bridge.

Nearly all the basic information i have put together on this site is about modern 'Standard American Yellow Card" and "2/1 Game Force". I have gathered material on "Roman Key Card Blackwood", "Cue bidding", "Gerber", "Blackwood", "Jacoby", and "Stayman". This information is slowly making its way to these web pages.

Why make a site public before it is complete? This site will NEVER be complete.