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Bridge Club

The bridge club will be starting a beginner bridge class in September (date to be determined). This class will take you from not knowing anything about playing cards, to playing duplicate bridge at an “above average” level. The classes are not only for beginners or duplicate bridge players, but for all bridge players. If you are a seasoned player you can probably skip the first two lessons covering the basics … the Opener, Overcaller, Responder, and Advancer … the fallacy of never opening with diamonds less you have 4 of them .. etc.

We will have practice hands to enforce content, online website: with support materials available for download, practice quizzes, and further insight into material covered. You (and highly recommended, your partner) will fill out your standard American yellow card as we progress through the course. We have good bridge players who will be volunteering their time to be your partner and practice with you (should you so desire).

The material for this course will come from “My Bridge Book”, and, this course will be a final review / edit of that book prior to publishing. You will receive honorable mention (unless you do not want) in the book.

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Robert: I think that is way too wordy for an announcement in the Chatterbox and you are using terms that beginner bridge players would not even know. I would simply put:

Beginner Bridge Lessons to start in September - Sign Up NOW!!!
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